Sunday, May 1, 2011


 Oh my goodness, why have I not really listened to the Bowerbirds until now?

I'm a "poor" college student, who really shouldn't spend tons of money on music, so I search for free (legal) downloads instead to fill my new music cravings. Well, a couple nights ago, I started to look up record labels to see if they featured free sample download songs from their artists. Many of them do, with Dead Ocean Records being one of them. They are home to The Tallest Man on Earth, John Vanderslice, and the Bowerbirds.

Anywho, I made a playlist of my newly downloaded music and at the top was The Bowerbirds. Instantly, I fell in musical love.
The first song was "In Our Talons" (from Hymns for a Dark Horse), which is upbeat and starts with an accordion. The three members of the band, Phillip Moore, Beth Tacular, and Matt Damron, harmonize their voices throughout most of the song, which makes me believe that it's the type of music they could create in their living room (maybe because it makes me think of the Indiana Boys' jam session). It also reminds me a little of Beirut, without the horn section.
This was followed by "Beneath Your Tree" and "Northern Lights" (from Upper Air). These songs were a bit more mellow and had more of the indie-folk sound that people usually identify them as having.

Anywho, I'm really tempted to spend some money and buy one of their albums now. Sometimes trying to save money only leads to spending more. (Update: I was responsible and didn't spend money.)

On a side note: while looking to see if the Bowerbirds were on Bandcamp, I came across another band called The Lighthouse and the Whaler that is worth checking into.

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