Friday, December 20, 2013

Kalispell's Kickstarter

I haven't written on the blog in ages! What brings me back is wanting desperately to help a friend, Shane Leonard of Kalispell, reach his Kickstarter goal to help record his second album.

This is the same Kalispell that I wrote about more than a year ago when he released his first album. That album was recorded in the spare room in his apartment and was hand packaged and was essentially all self-made. This time, Shane wants to create a more professional record.

As of right now, there is only only 62 hours (2 1/2 days) left to raise the remaining $6,690. I think that that goal can be achieved with a little help from my blogging friends! 
Check out his Kickstarter link!

Even if you don't contribute, would you mind helping spread the word? If anybody deserves this, it's Shane. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dance Whirlwind

The dance world has been kind to me this year.

For some reason, I made finals in the Amateur Jack and Jill at Lindy Focus. Not only did I make finals, but by the grace of God, I placed 2nd (with an amazing partner, James Pack)! That felt like a good start to the new year.

(Taken by the great Bobby Bonsey)
  But my year has gotten even better. And it's only March! Last weekend, I attended Heartland Swing Festival and was surprised to find myself with 3 medals and 2 overall awards, including:
  • 2nd in Solo Jazz
  • 2nd in the Jack and Jill with Baron Smith
  • 1st in the Any Swing Goes (aka Strictly) with Joseph Bojang
  • Overall Collegiate Jitterbug Champion, alongside my friend Bradley Smith.
  • Dancer's Choice Award, alongside my friend Joseph Bojang.
 I don't feel like I deserve any of it. I'm not that good, really. I'm grateful, for sure...but I still think ya'll are crazy.

But I want to take the time to try to communicate something that I've been thinking about since Lindy Focus:

Where I am at in my dancing will always be tied to all those who came along with me through my dance journey. I'm only at this place because you all helped get me here, whether you knew it or not. You were my motivation, my help, my struggle, my pick-me-up. I'm only me because of you and that's HUGE.

So, thank you. You made me feel like a million bucks this past weekend.