Friday, May 25, 2012


Do you remember, folks, when I told you briefly about my buddy Shane's band Kalispell? Well, he finally released his full-length album Westbound a little over a week ago. I hitched a ride to Eau Claire so that I could be there for the CD release show and am extremely glad I did. We Are the Willows and The Daredevil Christopher Wright opened, which that in-and-of-itself would have been a good line up. But the final build up came from seeing Shane finally perform all his great tunes from the album, start to finish, with a full band. The stage was sometimes packed with the likes of violins, upright bass, steel guitar, drums, and even a cello; and sometimes the stage slimmed down to simply Shane and one other on stage. And it was good. His old-time infused Americana-folk is the kind of stuff I love.

My favorite on the album so far is probably track 2, Methodist Lift. How can you go wrong with a song that starts with the twanging of a banjo? And I really dig the lyric: "The church taught me how to hold a grudge, My brother taught me how to let it go, He learned from his father, and We learned from our fathers. Isn't that the way it's supposed to go?" And if you're not sold yet, you can download my second favorite track, Lucky a Hundred Times, for free

Give him a listen. Give him a try. Then go see him in town near you!

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