Friday, May 13, 2011

Stop Making Excuses

This past year I taught lindy lessons for a college club. Through this experience, one of the biggest things I learned about dance classes is the pointlessness of making excuses.

It could be very frustrating to hear students making excuses for the why they weren't making corrections according to my input. My thought process as a club instructor goes a little bit like this: "If you ask for my help, maybe you should listen to what I'm saying. Those previous experiences are interesting, maybe, but sorry (SORRY!), I don't really care about them right now. Just stop making excuses and at least attempt to try the thing I've told you. You are more capable of doing those things than you think you are. Trust me, I've seen worse. Now, please, shut up and just do it...or at least try."

I admit that this might be really harsh, and I kind of feel bad about feeling/thinking this way, but it is the honest reflection of my thought process.

Through realizing this, I have caught myself on multiple occasions doing the same thing when I am taking classes. It's funny how the flaws you find in other people are often the ones that you, personally, are struggling with the most.

So I encourage you to stop making excuses, realize the faults you find in others may be the thing you need to work on for your own self, and to go ahead and at least try the things you think you are incapable of doing. (I'm preaching to myself too.)

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