Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Typically my favorites are folk or folk inspired (as if you couldn't tell by now), but I definitely have a pop and punk rock history that still influences me. For instance, the song that I have been listening to repeatedly today has been "Colours" by Grouplove. So good.

Something else I've noticed about my musical tastes is that I like abnormal voices. The lead singer, Christian Zucconi's voice is almost strained and whiny, and I love it. Also, part of the reason I'm hooked on this song is due to the stuttering part in the beginning, which wouldn't be as addicting if it weren't for his abnormal voice.

Currently, the group only has a self-titled EP out, but a full-length album is due out in September. Their first single from the full length, "Itchin on a Photograph" will be available in the U.S. on June 21st.

Also, shout out to The Current for introducing me to this band and many others. I'm glad I live in Minneapolis where there is such a great artistic scene with a great radio station to match.

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