Thursday, May 19, 2011

Artist Dolan Geiman

Usually I write about music or lindy hop, but there are times when I really appreciate other art forms as well. During the summer of 2009, either at the Stone Arch Festival of the Arts or the Uptown Art Fair, I came across the artist Dolan Geiman. Can I just say I really enjoy his work? Cause I do.

Dolan with some of his pieces.
This one is my favorite.

You can read more about the man himself (here) or where he gets his inspiration (here).

You can see his work for yourself at one of these art shows:

June 11-12 | Chicago, IL
Old Town Art Fair
Booth 184

June 17-19 | Nashville, TN
American Artisan Festival

July 2-4 | Denver, CO
Cherry Creek Arts Festival
Booth 131

July 9-10 | Madison, WI
Art Fair on the Square

August 5-7 | Minneapolis, MN
Uptown Art Fair

October 8-9 | Houston, TX
Bayou City Art Festival Downtown

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