Sunday, April 17, 2011


When I first starting watching video clips of dancers at the beginning of my dancing days, Frida was no where near my radar. Later on, when I finally witnessed some of the videos of her, I thought her dancing looked a bit awkward. Now, I think I really appreciate her dancing. I think that a big reason for this goes back to what I said about dancing like yourself. Frida dances like Frida. She's different and unique, and I like that.

Here is a social dance clip that I'm really enjoying from her and Skye lately:

Another reason why I like this video: when the dance is done, Frida acknowledges the band and Skye before she ever takes a bow for herself. Humility is an admirable thing.

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  1. Frida happens to be my gold standard for a follow. She doesn't try to adjust the connection I ask for, she just matches it from beat one no questions asked.