Thursday, April 14, 2011

La Blogotheque and Foglight Films

If you're a fan of watching music videos, you need to watch something from La Blogotheque and from Foglight Films. Please...pretty please.

La Blogotheque:

This video of Local Natives made me positively giddy and joyful.
You know great musicians when their live music is as good or better than their recorded material. Local Natives fits this qualification. As for the song, I love how slowly more and more members/instruments joined together to crescendo then nicely dissipate into merely their voices.  I'm smitten.

This video of Sigur Ros is the one that originally introduced me to La Blogotheque and the Take Away Shows.

Foglight Films:
Well, Foglight Films is on Vimeo and I cannot post videos from Vimeo on this blog. So, please click on the link for the song title to see the videos. I recommend the Common Prayer "Us vs. Them", The Walkmen "Woe is Me", and Ida "Willow Tree."

After watching this version of "Us vs. Them" by Common Prayer, I'd have to say that I much prefer it to the recorded version. There is something about his voice here that is greater...I'm not sure if its raspier or clearer or what. Overall, (in my opinion) it's just better.

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