Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Evolution of Lindy Hop

The more I learn about the history of lindy hop (and the jazz that went with it), the more I love it. And not just the puppy dog kind of love, but the kind of love that says "I know where you've come from and I want to stick with you forever."
Two of the ways that I've learned more about it's history is by reading Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop and watching Ken Burn's documentary on Jazz. Both are musts for the lindy hop fanatic.

I'm so glad I took the time to soak in the history, but if you don't have the time, you can catch a glimmer of it by watching these two videos.

1. Clips of lindy hop throughout history:

2. Andrew Thigpen and Karen Turman's 2010 ILHC Showcase:

And read Wandering and Pondering's blog post about this performance (it's half way down the post). It will make you appreciate it all the more.

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