Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Study Music

I am finishing up my senior year of college right now. Praise the Lord it's almost done. Along with this, I thought I would post a quick list of my favorite music to listen to while studying. Then after I finish, hopefully I will commence the actual studying.

1. "All is Well" by Sam Amidon
My great friend Heather first introduced me to this album back in 2008 and it has since gotten me through many a stressful night. The horns and strings combine so richly and smoothly, swirling together beautifully with Sam's almost mumbly voice. It is the type of album that works well as background music or as music to play in the quiet moments when you are stressed and need to hear the intricacies and depths of great music

2. "All We Grow" by S. Carey
This man, also a member of Bon Iver, created one very soothing and ambient album. This has been my recent album of choice to listen to while sitting at the local coffee shop and needing to tune out the world in order to focus. If you want a better album review, read what Robin Hilton at NPR had to say.

3. "LeO" by Haley Bonar
This is Haley's third homemade EP and it's mostly instrumental and ambient. Because there are very few lyrics throughout the entire thing, rarely am I distracted by trying to figure the lyric out or singing along. Not only is it a great album to study to, it's also the right kind of relaxing to start and end your day with.

4. "Civilian" by Wye Oak
I cannot honestly say much about this album because I just purchased it tonight (thanks to Amazon's daily album deals). I have listened to the the title track "Civilian" (free download) multiple times. This song is great because it has energy but isn't so dynamic that it becomes distracting. From my initial listen of the rest of the album, this is how it seems as a whole. Which is why I will be listening to it tonight as I try to muster my way through the last of my senior year. If you want a better review, check out what Max Blau wrote for Paste Magazine.

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