Friday, April 8, 2011

Fleet Foxes and J Mascis

Fleet Foxes:
Since first hearing about Fleet Foxes in the summer of 2008, I have decided that I don't really like them. I'm not opposed, but they're something I just don't want to listen to on my own. No matter how many people think that I would love them since they have a folky sound...I just don't. Sorry.

But recently I have come to really enjoy their new single "Helplessness Blues" (free download from Spinner). I don't know what the change was muscially that made me like this song compared to the rest of their songs. What I can tell you is that I really love the first verse:

"I was raised up believin'
I was somehow unique
like a snowflake, distinct among snowflakes
unique in each way you can see

And now after some thinkin'
I'd say I'd rather be
a functioning cog in some great machinery
serving something beyond me."

 J Mascis:
Since first listening to J Mascis on the Current, I have really enjoyed his sound. You may also know him from the band Dinosaur Jr. He has a mellow, mostly acoustic, sort-of country/folk sound to him, and his voice has a manly whiny twang to it that I just eat up. I must admit, he looks nothing like I envisioned him by the sound of his voice, but I think that I like him more because of it. Music isn't about's about music, and this man does a good job at creating it. You may know him more from his song "Not Enough" (free download from Spinner), but I'm really diggin' "Is It Done" (another free download from Spinner).

Side note: I did not intentionally do this, but both these artists are actually with Sub Pop Records.

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