Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lindy Hop Favorites

This will be quick, as I should be at a friend's house helping paint...

You should know up front that my favorite dancer is Jo Hoffberg (she's a girl). She has a way of being so very playful with her dancing and I love that.
My favorite video of her is from ILHC 2010, when she danced with Stefan Durham in the Invitational Jack & Jill.

But my ultimate favorite video of right now is of Alice Mei and Thomas Blacharz social dancing at an event in Prague.

As for the music from that last video, it's from Skeets Tolbert called "Hit That Jive Jack." And want to know something great? His music is now public domain...and free. You can find the song (and more) here.

Enjoy. :)

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