Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Boys from Indiana

One of my best friends married a musician of a man from Indiana. Through the both of them, I have had the chance to meet some of their Indiana friends, many of which are also musicians. As time passes and I get more and more acquainted with their music, the more impressed I become. Gosh, I feel way too lame to be able to know talented people such as these.

First: John Davey
When I first met John, I thought he was a prick...but he's actually one of the nicest guys you'll meet. The man is a twig, but he knows how to belt out a tune. Holy man.  He has a way of weaving words into such great stories of songs. And if you give him a listen, just know that his recordings do him absolutely no justice. If you get a chance to see him live, go support the guy! You can check out his new EP The Homely Seed here.

Secondly: Steffen Yazvac
He doesn't like to play for us very much anymore which is such a sad, sad thing. Every once in a while, we can coax him to take out his guitar and play us a number or two. He does a great job covering Blitzen Trapper's "Furr," but we also love his very own songs too. For a big guy, he has a soft, soothing voice (kind of along the lines of Iron and Wine).

Thirdly: Mike Reeb
I don't actually know this guy and I haven't actually listened to his stuff a ton. What I can tell you is that from the little bit that I have listened to his stuff, I'm going to keep listening. And it doesn't hurt that you can find his albums on Bandcamp for free! Give him a try, you've got nothing to lose.

Fourthly: Bro Stephen
I recently became acquainted with Bro. Stephen this past fall when he played a show with John. His songs tend to be mellow and he has a soft singing voice. His songs have a way of drawing one into thought and contemplation over ones own memories, all the while being softly comforting. He recently toured with a full band, making his sound a bit fuller. Though, I will note, that when he plays by himself, there is a certain simplicity that is so fitting for his songs. He recently finished a full length CD, which should be out soon...hopefully.

And just a note to all you out there, these guys hit the road to do what they love, but they don't make much doing it. Support local artists!

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