Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dawes/Middle Brother/Deer Tick

I went to the Dawes/Middle Brother/Deer Tick show on Monday night at First Avenue. I had seen Dawes with Moondoggies and Peter Wolf Crier there previously in November. The November show was probably one of the greatest shows I've been to. As for this recent show, it was still pretty great but I do have my qualms about it. Let me explain a bit:

I love watching Dawes perform. They put so much energy into their show without being too terribly showy about it. Each one of the members performs in a way that has character and class, in a way that it makes me feel like I would respect them all as good men in real life. And their songs are great. That was true of both the shows I've seen of them. Such great moments. (It was so much louder in person.)

For those of you who may not know, the band Middle Brother consists of Taylor Goldsmith, the lead singer of Dawes; McCauley of Deer Tick; and Vasquez of Delta Spirit. I may have enjoyed both the Deer Tick and Middle Brother segments of the show had it not been for McCauley. The man shook his beer over the crowd, spit his cough drop at the crowd on three separate occasions, and was a freakin' attention hog in the most unattractive (or incredibly cheesy...kneeling before the crowd and reaching out for a female's hand...gag) ways. Not my cup of tea, no sir. Vasquez had a bit of rebel without a cause thing going, which doesn't make me respect him, but at least he wasn't obnoxious like Mr. McCauley. And to top it off, amongst all this Taylor drops an F bomb. Not an awful thing, but something I wouldn't have expected of him before. Basically, the "I'm so cool and BA because I'm a rock star" attitude made me enjoy the show less.

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