Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yellow Ostrich

This song, Campaign, has been stuck in my head all night.

Trying to look up this song, I found out that Yellow Ostrich recently signed on with Barsuk Records. This means that the album The Mistress will actually be re-released with 3 bonus songs and it will be made into hard copy (ahem, CDs). How exciting for them! Currently, you can find some older tunes for free download over at Bandcamp, but that's it. Sorry, you'll have to wait for The Mistress to be re-released on August 16th to get those tunes.

Yellow Ostrich was originally started as a solo project by Alex Schaaf (the one in the middle in the picture). Fun fact: he is from Wisconsin. Feel the pseudo-local pride. After his temporary free release of The Mistress on Bandcamp, he later joined forces with Jon Natchez (bass, horns, vocals) and Michael Tapper (drums, vocals).

If you get a chance, you really ought to check out their Take Away Show. I've watched this video many many times and I'm continually impressed at how great this music turns out live. Their performance over at Big Ugly Yellow Couch is also worth checking out.

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