Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Indie Meets Lindy...Again

I was just introduced to this music video for Slow Club's song Two Cousins. This is Slow Club's newest single for their upcoming album release. "Two Cousins" can be found on iTunes, but you will have to wait a little bit longer to find the full album.
The duo, Rebecca and Charles from the UK, has been around since 2007 creating "folk rock" tunes. I would have to argue that this new single of theirs does not sound anything like folk or rock, but rather more indie-pop/hip-hop inspired.

Anyways, the video for "Two Cousins" showcases lindy hoppers Ryan Francois and Remy Kouame as they pay homage to Al Minns and Leon James.

I really enjoyed this clip. There is discussion (and some whining) over at Yehoodi about how the dancing does not go with the music very well, which to a degree is true. I much prefer Dogpossum's viewpoints on the matter (please go read her analysis of the video). This video reminds me of montage clips within movies: the scene is edited to give snippets of both big and small picture focal points while a song plays in the background that may not match the action, but rather the emotion, of what we are witnessing. In essence, I don't think the dancing needs to be synched up to the music, as the music provides an emotional backdrop for which we can feel and understand the movement of the dance. Often when I think about lindy hop and charleston, I think about the energy and joy that comes from them, but this video and its editing did a good job of capturing the attitude of the dance I love so much.

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