Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sufjan Stevens "Sister Winter"

Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis
Here in Minneapolis, people are crazy about riding their bicycles. I have recently discovered why, as I now ride my bike to work. But much like dancing and music, I could try to tell you in words why it is wonderful, but my words will never suffice to describe the feelings.

Anyway, this post is not about biking, but about music. Late last night, as I finished my shift at my beloved workplace, I hopped upon my bike for the ride home. The air was heavy with humidity and the city skyline was partially hidden by a humid haze. The city was quiet and forward movement of riding my bicycle created a nice breeze. And the song that was playing on my iPod fit that moment and the way I felt.

That song was Sufjan's "Sister Winter" from Songs for Christmas. It may not be Christmas time, but the ambiance of the song was perfect for that moment.

This song is almost cinematic. It starts with the soft chords of the piano and the sounds of violin join in soon after, as Sufjan softly sings along to echo the same delicate sentiments. But as the song moves on it builds into a hopeful and promising energy. It was a beautiful song to start my bike ride home in my wonderful city of Minneapolis.

If you like this tune, you can find a free download, along with a few more from Sufjan, here.

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