Friday, January 6, 2012

"You've Been Found Wanting"

Recently, I've lost a bit of my enthusiasm for lindy hop. Why? Well, after watching a slew of videos tonight and not being terribly impressed by any of them, I think I may have realized part of the reason.

These are some of the videos I watched:
Swinglandia Jack & Jill Final 2010
Dax and Sarah
Max and Natasha
Dax and Sarah ESDC 2011

Well, I think that I haven't been terribly impressed or inspired because it seems as though people aren't really dancing to the music or that they're trying too hard to dance to the music. It feels a little bit artificial or forced. Too many "moves" and not enough dancing. What I mean by that, is that I've seen a lot of dancing that is "good" or takes practice and effort, but recently I feel as though I haven't seen a lot of dancing that is the result of loving the music and the feeling and embracing that dance for what it is. Because, ultimately, those are the dances that are the most inspiring. The kind of dances that the goal is to be in the moment and to embrace the spirit of lindy hop, not where the goal is to dance lindy hop well.

I think that this video of Frida is inspiring. She appears to be taking each moment as it comes and really dancing.

I think I need to remember my own criticisms for my own dancing. Since starting to compete, I have a harder time not just enjoying each dance for what it is. I focus on my mistakes, what I'm not doing well. Maybe I need to re-learn what it is to really love lindy hop. Maybe I just need to dance.

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