Friday, January 6, 2012

Kasey Rogers

I heard about Kasey Rogers because he's played with my pal John Davey. For some reason, John knows how to pick some great musicians to play shows with (other examples: Bro. Stephen, Moor Hound), including Mr. Rogers (bah! I didn't even intend to make that joke). 

Kasey Rogers is of the country-folk variety, but his voice almost sounds as though he should be in a pop-punk band. He sings out his songs with heart-felt energy, to the point where he is at times just belting out the words. It is great folk, but it's also pop-y, in the sense that his tunes have a tendency to put you in a feel good mood. Oh, and the guy plays the banjo. Definitely a plus in my books. 

Check out his video:

And here he is playing with John Davey:

So, there are no free downloads from this guy, but you can purchase his EP on i-Tunes. (Do it!)

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