Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Reasons for Blogging

When I tell people that I have a blog about Lindy Hop and "Indie" music, one of the more common responses from friends and acquaintances is a groan of, "Oh no, not you too."
And then there are the expectations that those people and the other bloggers have: if you are going to have yet another blog on dancing or music, you better be damn good at articulating what you mean and know what you're talking about.

Since the above happens and since I've been lazy with this blog this past summer, I thought I would leave a post here about why I even started this blog in the first place.
So here I go. I started this blog because:
-I didn't want to be the annoying girl on facebook who posted videos all day long and crowded everybody's news feed. What I want to share with people is mostly contained to this site, so you can easily choose to read it or ignore it.
-I get really excited about the music that I like at any given moment and I wish that more people knew about it. So I this is an outlet to share my music finds with more people who may not know about them.
-There were too many times I would ask people if they had seen such-and-such video, blog, or website and then I would try to remember to send them a link to it. Whether or not I remember to individually send you the link, this blog provides the source to many of the videos or sites that I may have made reference to in a conversation.
-I selfishly wanted an outlet for all the thoughts and ideas that often raced through my mind about music and dancing. It is a means of processing for my own purposes.

My reasons are listed above. And note that these reasons don't include the statements, "because I'm a good writer" or "because I'm an expert on this." Because neither of those statements would be true. I'm not a great writer and I don't always know what I'm talking about. But I'm open to criticism, input, and new ideas. Share your thoughts with me, help me to write a better blog, and share your finds with me too. This kind of input only adds to ultimate goal of this blog: to share with others Indie Rock and Lindy Hop finds.

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