Saturday, June 18, 2011

You Really Ought to Know

You really ought to know about The Daredevil Christopher Wright.

I've heard about these guys before, but never really thought much about them until I had the chance to see them as an opening band for We Are the Willows EP release show. After they played, the thought kept echoing through my brain, "How is it that more people don't know about these guys?!?" Mostly, they run along the lines of indie pop-rock/folk with a singer/songwriter influence. They provided so much energy where it was due, but also knew how to respect the melancholy. And after listening to some of their recorded stuff (which is good), I would have to suggest that they were even better live and have probably only gotten better with time.

While trying to find out more information about these guys, I came across the interview they did with Relevant Magazine back from 2009 when they released their first full-length album In Deference to a Broken Back.  In this interview, band member Jon Sunde says, "Whenever you do something that you’re passionate about, there’s a large degree of frustration and questioning—all these kinds of these things—and there’s been that, too." So true. I don't really feel that way about music, but I feel that way about dancing. I love it, but there are moments when I can be frustrated with myself or with others. It either burns you out or pushes you back to the real reason of why you love it. Anywho, back to the topic at hand...

Daredevil Christopher Wright - The Animal of Choice from PeerValidated on Vimeo.

They will be releasing a new full length album sometime in the next year. Click here to hear one of their new tunes called "A Man of the Arts" (it's a mellow one that is lyrically rich). Until you can get your hands on the new stuff, you can check out their two Daytrotter sessions (here and here) and a free Christmas download.
Or feel free to straight up buy their record or EP. I'm sure they would appreciate that.

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